Custom Resistor Design & Manufacture

TSEC specialize in custom resistor design and manufacture in low to medium volume. Delivering resistor product capable of surviving extreme environmental, physical and/or electrical conditions.

The major resistor manufacturers produce a vast range of resistor devices to cover the demands of most applications. However, the demands of some applications mean that only a bespoke resistor will suffice.

Low volume custom resistor requirements are often often of little interest to the major manufacturers.

Custom Resistor Design

There are a many application and enviromental issues to consider if a resistor is to perform to specification over its full in service life. Before starting the design TSEC work with customers to fully understand all elements of the specification.

We then design a resistor capable of long term operation, without performance degradation in the most demanding of applications. We have many years experience of thick film resistor capabilities, materials and manufacturing methods.

Specialist Resistor Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is designed to deliver low to medium volumes of a large number of products. The opposite of the major resistor manufacturers who typically deliver high volumes of a relatively low number of product variants.

We have many years’ experience of design and manufacture of custom thick film resistor product. We employ specialized materials and processes to manufacture resistor components in through hole, SMD and single in line resistor network footprints.

We work with customers to ensure we manufacture a reliable resistor product that works first time and to specification. This may involve manufacture of a number of samples for approval.

TSEC products include high voltage resistor for power supply applications, power resistor, pulse and snubber resistors, circuit protection resistors, resistor networks, resistors for military applications and specialist heater resistors for medical applications.

Our experienced engineering team provides advice on the best custom resistor design for any situation.

Example product - Application specific anti-static power resistor:

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