Obsolete Resistor Replacement

TSEC design and manufacture replacements for obsolete resistor devices. We provide a rapid turnaround from order and ship form fit and function equivalents in the low to medium quantities required to continue production until a long-term solution can be found.

Resistor Obsolescence Challenges

The manufacturers of mass produced resistor devices are under increasing pressure to cut costs and delete resistor products that are no longer a focus from their product line up. It is impossible for large manufacturers to consult with their full customer base before stopping production which means resistor devices often become obsolete or difficult to source at short notice.Production shortages of just a few simple resistor devices may delay delivery of equipment with significant value, damaging customer relationships and company financial performance. As specialist manufacturers of thick film resistors we work with customers to design replacements for devices made obsolete by resistor manufacturers such as Bourns, Metalux and Ohmite.

Obsolete Resistor Solutions

Thick film resistors have excellent thermal performance, they are reliable and space efficient. The technology is relatively cheap to tool and product may be manufactured on short leadtimes. A wide range of footprints are available including leaded, surface mount, through hole or vertical in line. The cost of a resistor solution designed and manufactured to match the original resistor specification can often be significantly lower than the cost of orginal product offered by component dealers or brokers.  Due to our flexible approach to resistor designs we can still manufacture today products first manufactured over 30 years ago.

If resistor obsolescence is an issue contact TSEC today to establish which of the our solutions best fits with your requirements.