Thick Film Pulse Resistors

TSEC design and manufacture application specific thick film pulse resistors in low to medium volume. We design and manufacture both pulse power and pulse voltage resistor devices

Pulse Resistor are designed to absorb large amounts of energy. They are often used in high reliability medical applications including X-Ray systems, displays and instruments.

Faced with imperfect information some designers over specify a resistor in the hope it will survive all expected pulse events. This approach increases resistor size, weight and cost.

Pulse and transient waveforms require careful consideration before choosing a resistor device. TSEC engineering team have many years experience of custom pulse resistor design and manufacture. Call us today for thick film pulse resistor design and application advice.

We offer:

Resistance - Low Ohmic range typically 100 Ohms

Voltage maximum - 80,000V (as single element)

Temperature co-efficient (TCR) 100ppm/°C (for standard designs)

Tolerance ±1% (for standard designs)

Wattage Ranges low power to KWatts depending on resistive element

Pulse resistor design depends on the pulse energy and pulse duration. Current designs include 350 Joules inrush element on an increasing energy pulse with maximum energy reached in 3 seconds. Equivalent to a peak power of 6.7Kwatts.

Contact us today for advice on custom thick film pulse resistor design.