Thick Film SMD Resistors

TSEC design and manufacture application specific thick film SMD resistors in low to medium volume.

Thick film SMD resistor devices offer several advantages over MELF type resistors including:

High packaging density

higher speed mounting with pick and place equipment

reduced cost

However, surface mount resistor devices are generally not suitable for large, high power, or high voltage parts.

The major resistor manufacturers provide a vast range of surface mount resistors. Where a standard device will not achieve the required specification or there is an obsolescence issue TSEC deliver solutions.

We work with system designers to create custom SMD resistors to match the requirements of specific applications. Where product obsolescence is an issue we can design and manufacture form, fit and function replacements for obsolete resistors utilising flip chip technology. Please call us on 01207 230728 to discuss your requirements.

A limited range of standard devices are available from TSEC as listed below.
Resistor - surface mount Organisation
SMD121 1x bank 12 resistors SMD122 2x banks 6 resistors
SMD123 4x banks 3 resistors SMD241 1x bank 24 resistors
SMD242 2x banks 12 resistors SMD243 2x banks 7 resistors, 2xbanks 5 resistors
SMD244 1x bank 14 resistors, 2x banks 5 resistors
SMD245 1x bank 10 resistors, 2x banks 7 resistors
SMD281 1x bank 28 resistors SMD282 2x banks 14 resistors
SMD283 2x banks 9 resistors, 2x banks 9 resistors
SMD284 1x bank 18 resistors, 2x banks 5 resistors
SMD285 1x bank 10 resistors, 2x banks 9 resistors


SMD121 SMD122 SMD123    
SMD241 SMD242 SMD243 SMD244 SMD245
SMD281 SMD282 SMD283 SMD284 SMD285

Contact TSEC to discuss your Flip Chip SMD Resistors requirements.